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Back At It

8 May

Hi guys!  I’ve disappeared from here for a while but I am back and super excited to share some great news.  It took me a while to discover what exactly I wanted to do with my life and I finally found it.  I am currently working as an assistant for a technology company in my hometown and going to school for business management.  I love nutrition and I always will be realized it was more of a life style that I enjoyed not a career.  I have also discovered a better approach to go about healthy eating and trying to lose fat.  In the past I would drive myself crazy with calories, counting carbs etc.  I was miserable and underweight and it wasn’t healthy at all.  Currently I am trying to shape  up a bit before summer hits and I am doing it in a much  healthier way.  Intuitive eating is hands down the best way to go about being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.  Low-carb diets, juices, cleanses, and fasts are not healthy and definitely not fun.  Intuitive eating allows you to eat what you enjoy in moderation without feeling guilty or making sacrifices.   It also balances macro nutrients out and allows you to enjoy carbs, fats, and protein without feeling deprived.  All meals should include each of these nutrients.  For more information about intuitive eating read some articles online or go to and check out the book by Evelyn and Elyse.