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Coconut Secret Review

24 Feb

FEB 12 100

About a month or so ago I received an awesome package from Lena at Coconut Secret and I fell in love.  The package included coconut nectar, coconut aminos and an organic almond coconut bar.  First off the coconut nectar is great it has a very unique flavor and a little goes a long way.  Coconut nectar is a great substitute for maple syrup, agave and honey and has alot less sugar as well as a lower glycemic index.  I use it on my pancakes, toast with nut butter, and sometimes even in my oatmeal.  The only downside there is to this stuff is that is very very sticky, almost like a sap but regardless its still a great healthy alternative to cane sugar.  Coconut aminos have seventeen naturally occurring amino acids and is a great sub for soy sauce which is packed with sodium.  Coconut aminos only have 113mg of sodium in one tsp compared to soy sauce which can have as much as 1,000mg in one tbsp.  I refuse to eat my chicken for dinner anymore without this stuff, its addictive!  It’s also great in salads, marinades and stir frys.  Last but not least the almond coconut bar was unbelievable it was literally love at first bite not to mention it is extremely low in carbohydrates, sugar, and sodium.  I’d like to thank Lena for the generous package!  For more information on all of the fantastic products Coconut Secret has to offer check them out at