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Quest Cravings Review

20 Dec

fall 2012 013


A few months back Quest being the awesome company that they are sent me a couple boxes of their new line Quest Cravings.  One box was the chocolate crunch bar and the other were peanut butter cups.  I am a huge fan of both of these products! They taste absolutely amazing and their nutrition facts are awesome.  The chocolate crunch bar has the perfect amount of chocolate and it isn’t too sweet.  These are great crumbled onto some non-fat Greek yogurt.  One bar has 200 calories, five grams of active carbs, twenty grams of protein and they contain no sugar.  The new and improved peanut butter cups are highly..highly addictive and one hundred percent guilt free.  Two peanut butter cups contain 240 calories, four grams of active carbs, and twenty grams of protein.  So if you’re a complete peanut butter addict like myself check these out at www.questnutrition.com  and like them on facebook! www.facebook.com/questnutrition